Thank You to all fellow crafters new and regular, I am so pleased you enjoy Little Knitting Fairy Shop.
We have lots of lovely items now ready for all to hopefully keep you busy when the cold dark nights are upon us.
Please do not hesitate to call me anytime ( within reason that is, as I do sleep sometimes.) If you need something I have not got on the shop to see if I can get for you.
For all crafters that are near to me and may run out of things, or suddenly feel they would like to make something, but “ oh dear” shops in town closed or weekend, please just give me a call as I am here most times to help.
Two things I am trying out at the moment are: knitting Traditional hand Fairisle on my Silver SK280 knitting machine using the AG24 intarsia carriage, it really is working very well. OK it’s fiddly, takes time, but is very interesting and, so far, seems to work well. The intarsia carriage is great, I just wanted to prove it is not just for picture knitting or block intarsia and with patience, colour and pattern it can be done.
The other thing I am trying is: using the King Cole Raffia yarn to make table mats on my weaving loom.
When I have perfected these I will put pictures online to show you.
Keep Happy Crafting