Gregory Green Goblin of Toe HeadGregory Green is a goblin who lives on a little island in the Outer Hebrides. He is a very mischievous little chap who travels around a lot. He is always ending up in trouble because he is so small that nobody ever sees him. Children love to read Gregory Green’s stories. Story books and knitted characters from the stories are available at Gregory’s own website. Learn more about the Gregory Green, the Magical Goblin of ToeHead.

Gregory Green Goblin of Toe Head, is known all over the world.

Gregory Green Goblin of Toe HeadHello to all my friends , Gregoryhere, I thought it was time to tell you what I’ve been up to. I still have lots more excitement to reveal in more story books sometimebut I keep getting so involved in my adventures that I never have time.
Trying to get Fairy Autumn to help is impossible as she still is a bit clumsy. Every time I start to writea storyshe comes to help, gets her landing wrong and knocks my ink and pen all over the place. She really will have to get the Fairy Queen to give her more lessons to spread her wings better.

ElliottNow let me show you some pictures. As you will see, I have friends all over the world. I’m not bragging, of course, but I am well loved by all. This is a very dear friend I met when he was only 6 months old. He lived in France, and his name is Elliott. He has now grown into a fine young laddie and lives in Scotland my home country. We have had lots of adventures together that I promise to tell you about sometime. I go to see him with Freddie Fox a lot.

ElliottElliott has got a lovely sister now. I am sure she is really from the Fairy world as she dances like a Fairy. Her name is Jemima. She is very beautiful and has lovely red hair like the Autumn leaves.
I will let you into a secret, Jemima’s hair is the same as Fairy Autumn’s and Fairy Autumn gets a little bit jealous when I go to see Jemima. I tell her not to be so silly as she will always be my lovely best friend, just like Freddie is.

ElliottDo you know I even went to America. I didn’t fly myself because it is such a long way and I would have got too tired. I sat on an Aeroplane. It was great fun.
But I must now tell you about my new little Friend. She was very poorly when she was small, but she is better now.
The greatest and most beautiful Fairy Queen of them all, The Blue Mary Fairy, came to see me. I was so honoured as she does not come out of Fairy Land much. She ask me if I would go and visit this little girl along with Fairy Autumn.
I said yes before I even knew where we had to go. We had to have special magic to fly and get home again because it was the Philippines. I was delighted. Fairy Autumn was called and we had to be sprinkled with special star dust in lovely colours of red, silver and gold. Only the Blue Mary Fairy Queen has that.

The little girl we were visiting is called Carly. Off we went and when we were about to land we saw it was the rainy season so everywhere was wet and muddy.

Down we came toward the mud. I am pleased to say that my landing was not too bad. I only slipped a little and one of my boots got stuck in the mud but I got it back easily.

I saw Fairy Autumn coming down and then heard a lot of screaming. “Oh no,” I thought. And then I saw that she had landed in a pond of KioFish. The poor fish wondered what on earth had happened.

I managed to help her out of the pond and, fortunately, the magic dust had kept her dry.

We found this little house, knocked on the door and it opened slowly. It was Gio, the little girl’s Daddy. We went inside and met her Mummy who is called Bel.

Carly was in her play pen and she was delighted to see us. You will see the pictures of her – my lovely new friend.

I hope you will all join my fan club very soon and read about my adventures.

Have a look at these lovely pictures of my special three friends – Elliott, Jemima and Carly. Iam very happy to say that I have many friends, both humans and animals.

Goodness, Is that the time? It’s been nice chatting but I really must fly so, until next time, bye for now.

Gregory and cute little baby boy

So Gregory first went to Aberdeen Scotland, then to London England and then to Sweden, he travels between Sweden and London on a regular basis with this little baby boy, the baby loves him and Gregory loves flying the world.

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