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Mix and Match Yarn.

Mix and Match Yarn.

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Hello All.

Things have been hectic lately, as usual, not enough hours in the day.I have though been knitting both by hand and machine.My Husband has almost got a new jumper in the yarn he loves,  KING COLE MERINO 4PLY and machine knit.

The dark, long evenings also encourage some hand knitting.I thought I would get out one of my very old Patterns,   the one I fancied is a 1980s Sirdar pattern.I really loved doing this one as it was so easy, quick,  with only four rows to pattern, not only that it was economical with the yarn.

The other thing I liked was the lovely deep one by one welt that sits so lovely when wearing.I had some Sirdar Country Style discontinued wool blend double knitting that I wanted to use up, although the pattern was for Country Style or Wash n wear. SIRDAR HAND KNIT YARNSI also wanted to put one of the new fashion yarns through it to get a different effect and alter the very original blouson sleeves.

knitted sweater, knitting kits sale

The other point about this pattern is:  the 4 row stitch pattern that has been around for donkeys years is back very much in fashion again with a lot of the new patterns now on the market. I remember this stitch was one of my Mothers favourites, she made many a baby shawl using this as the deep border, a garter stitch centre, then she fringed it, we still have one in the family from many years back.

Well, who said we can’t mix and match yarns?  No rule to say so.I decided to be different.   I KNIT-IN THE LOVLELY KING COLE COSMOS GOLD YARN in the garter st rows and neck.  It has given a beautiful effect with this gold mustard wool,   the neck area looks lovely, I reduced the depth of the garter stitch at the top of jumper, cut the length of the sleeves from the usual baggy drop shoulder ones by taking out the garter st rows like the body part has, saving also too much cosmos so just finished it at the top of sleeve, I then carried on and made them to a saddle shoulder top.

The finish is perfect and sits on body perfect very elegant.  So you can use different yarns and change patterns with your idea as well, adding a touch of glamour.

THIS COSMOS YARN is only a very thin strand, but has loads of sequins, is easy to knit, goes a long way. It can be knit or crochet.  You can find it in Little Knitting Fairy products.

Another Idea from King Cole for mixing yarns is this very cosy, classic pattern new from them mixing  Baby Alpaca Yarn and Cosmos Yarn to knit this Pattern 4053

Enjoy your Crafts